Considerate Builders Scheme


To combat the problems of disturbance to Elm Close when property alterations are taking place, the Directors of Elm Close Estate (1980) Ltd run a Considerate Builders Scheme to encourage builders to take a pride in their site and to ensure the development proceeds without making life unpleasant for other residents in the Close.
Co-operation is the key to success of the scheme. We ask builders working in the Close to commit to a seven point code of good practice.
Most builders have found that observing the code not only benefits people directly but also improves the reputation of their businesses and is more likely to generate commissions from other residents.
The seven point code is:

Be Considerate

Carry out all work with consideration for residents, pedestrians and visitors. Pay special attention to older residents who may have problems with sight, hearing or mobility and those with prams and pushchairs. Do not block the road at any time. Be especially aware that two dustcarts reverse into the Close on a Monday at any time.

Be Quiet

Keep noise from machinery, workers, radios, vehicles and other sources to a minimum. Work must not be audible at the site boundary outside permitted working hours unless you have a prior arrangement with the Directors.

Be Clean

Keep all roads, verges, grassed areas and paths in the Close clean. Keep dust and smoke to a minimum. Keep the road clear of mud or other spillages.

Be Tidy

Take pride in the condition and appearance of the Close. Remove all rubbish promptly. Verges and road edges should not be damaged or if so must be repaired as soon as possible. The builder/contractor is responsible for all damage to Close property.

Be Safe

Carry out all work with the utmost care for the safety of passers by as well as your own workers. Keep all plant and machinery out of site of the Close. Be aware that children may well be playing in the centre green. Drive at 5mph in the Close. Do not park on the road.

Be Responsible

The main builder/contractor should ensure that all employees, agents, subcontractors, suppliers and drivers fully obey this code of practice

Keep People Informed

Builders should keep residents informed about unavoidable disturbance such as abnormal noise, extended working hours and disruption to traffic.

Nothing in these guidance notes contravenes the covenants contained in the deeds of each house

The Directors, Elm Close Estate (1980) Ltd, February 2009